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Pink Blossom

My Approach

What I love about being a therapist is the ability to be a part of the process to help a person adjust their perspective, confront challenges, and realize their worth and potential so they can create a value driven life. Since there is no one-size-fits-all approach to therapy, and people come to therapy for drastically different reasons, I always start at a place that is comfortable for you. 


My background stems from a Behavioral and Cognitive approach, but my work pulls from a diverse perspective that utilizes numerous modalities of therapy—creating a non-judgmental and safe space for you to explore. My philosophy about therapy is to help people reach a place of willingness to experience and manage all of life's feelings and events. Whether you have specific goals that you want to address, or just need a new and different viewpoint on your current or past situations, I tailor our sessions to meet you where you’re at in this moment of life. 

My services are offered mainly through online platforms.


Contact me today so we can discuss what brings you to therapy and help get you on the path toward leading a more fulfilling life. 


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