My Approach

What I love about being a therapist is the ability to help people develop coping skills to address life’s challenges and to help people realize their full worth and value. Since there is no one-size-fits-all approach to therapy, and people come to therapy for drastically different reasons, my philosophy and approach is to start at a place that is comfortable for you. 


While my background stems from a Behavioral and Cognitive approach, my work pulls from an eclectic perspective that utilizes numerous modalities of therapy—creating a non-judgmental and safe space for you to explore. Whether you have specific goals that you want to address, or just need a new and different perspective on your current or past situations, I tailor our sessions to meet you where you’re at in this moment of life. 

My services are offered from the privacy of my home office or through online platforms. I also have evening and weekend availability. Contact me today so we can discuss what brings you to therapy and help get you on the path towards leading a more fulfilling life.